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Corporate Wellness

Are you a Human Resources professional looking to connect your employees with highly specialized providers who value client centric care?

Let us help you. Our providers are uniquely qualified to help your individual associates but we are even more interested in helping boost health and wellness inside your business as a whole. We believe that business health is only as good as the health of its individuals but that those individuals are greatly influenced by the environment in which they work.

This guide is for HR professionals looking for an easy way to provide employees & associates with tips & tidbits to staying on top of their health and keeping morale and productivity high. Meant to be little reminders, these tips & tidbits are easily inserted into employee newsletters to help motivate and encourage a well-rounded and health conscious culture at work.

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Speaking Engagements

Our team members have spoken to a wide variety of audiences from small, intimate groups of curious learners to large scale corporate clients.

We are interested and able to schedule a discussion, workshop or presentation tailored around your needs. Here are some examples of topics we’ve covered:

  • Core & Pelvic Floor
  • Thyroid Health: How Nutrition and Exercise Can Optimize
  • Recovery Through Yoga
  • Chronic Pain: How It’s a Limiting Factor
  • Managing Performance Anxiety: At work, on the court, at home.
  • Protecting Your Joints
  • The Aging Male: Optimizing Exercise and Nutrition
  • Injury Prevention
  • Hormone Health
  • Mindfulness in Practice
  • Yoga While You Work

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Certified therapists at Anchor Wellness Center

Partnership Opportunities

The Anchor Wellness Center

The Anchor Wellness Center is currently growing and we’re looking for independent providers that value client centric, collaborative care. If you are looking for a home to grow your health or wellness business, this may be it!

Our model allows independent health and wellness businesses the benefits of corporate healthcare without all the red-tape. We provide home to small businesses that have shared values. Benefits of bringing your business to the Anchor Wellness Center include:

  • Flat rent (space, utilities, cleaning, maintenance)
  • EMR (electronic medical records)
  • Electronic scheduling and point of sales (merchant services)
  • Team of like-minded, highly specialized providers to collaborate on the delivery of care
  • Access to equipment
  • Desirable location
  • Shared marketing (digital and print)
  • Internal referral network
  • Internal business mentorship

We’re looking for professionals across the continuum of care. If you’re one of the following and have an established business but feeling run down carrying your space all by yourself, exhausted managing your brick and mortar or are feeling isolated and tired of being alone, contact us. Or if you’ve been contemplating striking out of your own but are interested in working with a team while maintaining your independence, this just might be for you!

  • Medical Doctor
  • PA or NP
  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Registered Dietitian
  • Physical Therapist
  • Massage Therapist
  • Chiropractor
  • Acupuncturist
  • Strength & Conditioning Specialist
  • Yoga Instructor
  • Health Coach

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Physical therapy Session Room at Anchor Wellness Center Cincinnati, Ohio

Employment Opportunities

Ancho Wellness Inc.

  • Anchor Wellness Inc is seeking an experienced Doctor of Physical Therapy (>3 years practice) with a background in non-traditional practice. Looking for a specialized provider with an emphasis on client centric care. Opportunities to work along side a collaborative team including dietitians, yoga therapist, health coach, clinical psychologist and movement specialist.
  • Benefits include: 401(k), profit sharing and continuing education allowance in addition to full access to facilities
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