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The Best Pilates Classes In Cincinnati

 Pilates Studio at the Anchor Wellness Center

What Makes Us The Best Pilates in Cincinnati?

We’re near you! Centrally located in Kenwood, Ohio.

And our instructors have an average of 10 years experience teaching individuals with a wide variety of backgrounds.

    • Need to learn how to breathe?
    • Feeling like you’ve lost your core?
    • Having trouble with balance?
    • Recovering from back surgery?

The Pilates Studio at the Anchor Wellness Center has both Private and Small Group Pilates Reformer classes to help restore your core, improve your balance, increase your strength and optimize your breathing so that you can feel and move well!

Anchor Wellness Center Cincinnati Physical Therapy session

Check the schedule here as new pilates classes are added often!

Semi-Private Group Reformer Pilates Classes

Anchor Wellness offers Semi-Private Pilates Reformer classes and we believe that these classes are the perfect transition from 1-1 Pilates Reformer training. Furthermore, these classes provide the individual an opportunity to continue moving toward greater independence in their movement training.

With only 3 clients per Pilates class, our certified Pilates instructors are able to tailor each class to the individual. And they can do so while subsequently still challenging them to continue advancing.

Cost: $35 per class (Semi-Private Group Packages Available here)

Private Reformer Classes 

Learning how to use the Pilates Reformer machine can be overwhelming. While there are many different philosophies that exist, the Anchor Wellness approach is one in which we believe that movement can be optimized. With that in mind, our main goal is to help each client avoid injury and to improve their capacity.

1-1 Reformer sessions begin by first introducing clinical Pilates principles and also the Reformer machine itself. Certified instructors will assess the clients’ current movement strategies and identity areas that they can improve. Furthermore, all instructors work alongside Physical Therapists as needed in order to determine the best approach, as well as objectives and contraindications.

With each individual, Private Pilates Reformer class, the session is completely tailored to your needs. The session will include access to Anchor Wellness Center’s private Reformer machine with tower, modifications and adjustments to accommodate any person/body.

Cost: $65/session. (Private Pilates Reformer Packages Available Here.)

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Notes about Semi-Private Reformer classes:

*Previous Pilates Reformer training is encouraged but not required to join all Semi-Private classes.

*Four 1-1 Pilates Reformer sessions with a Certified Pilates instructors are required prior to one joining group classes. Introductory Packages are available here.

*A minimum of 2 clients are required in order to hold a Semi-Private class. If only one client is registered, they can either participate in a Private Reformer session or can reschedule.

*Registration for class closes 1 hour prior to start.

*Cancellations that are received less than 2 hours before the start of class will be charged for the full session.

Notes about Packages:

*Packages are non-refundable and expire one year from purchase.