Suzanne Lavender

Suzanne received her comprehensive Classical Pilates Certification in 2003 after 600+ hours of training and apprenticeship in NYC. She is considered a “2nd generation” instructor after studying under Romana Kryzanowska, who received her training directly from Joseph Pilates. Other teachers include Master instructors Ton Voogt, Michael Fritzke and Brett Howard. She opened The Pilates Space in Grand Junction CO in 2005, which was a successful studio for 8 1⁄2 years. In 2017, she moved to Cincinnati where she has worked with Pendleton Pilates, Club Pilates and has continued to teach private clients as well. She enjoys coaching and working with a variety of clients and guiding them to strengthen and lengthen, gain proprioception, alignment. control, and flexibility.

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How did you get into your field?

I got into this field through a friend.

What is your training background?

I have 600+ hours of certification in comprehensive Pilates, from 2003.

Who influenced your career path (who have you enjoyed learning from, mentor, etc)?

My teachers, Master instructors Ton Voogt, Michael Fritzke and Brett Howard, trained me. I also was influenced by Ann Johnson.

What makes you love your field?

I love helping people discover their potential. 

What kind of clients do you love working with?

I love working with all kinds of clients!

What sets you apart?

I actually do NOT have a dance background, and I am classically trained. 

What’s your mission?

My mission is bringing Pilates to everyone and helping each person get to know their bodies and capabilities. 


What brings you joy? What do you do with your spare time?

I enjoy hiking, friends, and animals (specifically cats). 

How do we follow you?

  • Instagram @lighterina