Amy Hollenkamp

Anchor wellness team member, Amy headshot

Amy Hollenkamp, MS, RD is a Registered Dietitian. She received her certificate in Dietetics and completed her supervised practice (1200 hours of training) at the University of Cincinnati. Since becoming a dietitian, Amy has worked in private practice helping clients with complex gut and hormone imbalances find relief through diet, lifestyle and targeted supplement interventions.

Amy is a dot-connector and a health detective. Prior to becoming a dietitian, Amy worked as a Marketing analyst where she helped her company break down complex business problems. She now uses these same analytical skills to dig to the root causes of her client’s symptoms. Once the root cause is identified, Amy works with her clients to tailor diet, lifestyle and supplemental interventions to specifically address their root causes.

Amy worked as a research assistant while she completed her schooling with Laura Schoenfeld, a Registered Dietitian and Woman’s Health Expert. Amy was able to grow a deep understanding of woman’s health through her work with Laura. Amy now serves as a guest expert in Laura’s Fed and Fearless coaching program designed to help high-achieving women discover their best diet and lifestyle approaches to reach their health goals.

Amy also started a blog in 2016 called the SIBO Diaries where she discusses her own struggles with SIBO and also leads an evidence-based discussion on treatment strategies. Since it’s launch, the SIBO Diaries has been visited by 140,000 people around the globe. Amy has also been a guest speaker on the SIBO/IBS SOS Summit in 2018 and the Digestion SOS Docuseries in 2019.

Amy has also collaborated with other movers and shakers in the online health and wellness space like Jennifer Fugo (Healthy Skin Show Podcast and Nutritionist), Sarah Hornby (Myofunctional Therapist and blogger), Vivien Allred (Hormones in Harmony Podcast) and more.