Dr. Jackie Sanders, PT, DPT

Jackie Sanders is a licensed Physical Therapist. She graduated from Wright State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Biology. She then earned her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Cincinnati. In addition to being a physical therapist, Jackie is also a Certified Running Coach, with a special interest in video gait analysis. Her favorite part of physical therapy is working with patients to find creative solutions to meet their goals. She is passionate about treating patients holistically and determining the root cause of their impairments.

Jackie, from Syracuse, NY, was a competitive junior skier. She also played Division 1 tennis in college. She is a three-time Boston Marathon qualifier, a three-time USAT Nationals qualifier, and a 70.3 Ironman World Championship qualifier. When she’s not training and competing, she enjoys time with her family in the mountains.

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How did you get into your field?

Truth be told- I didn’t honestly know what I wanted to do in high school, so my parents encouraged me to do an extensive aptitude test. PT was number 2 on the list and so I picked that as a field of study. As I progressed through my education, I learned that bodies are fascinating and I have no regrets.

What is your training background?

I earned my undergraduate degree in exercise biology from Wright State University and received my Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of Cincinnati. I have been practicing for nearly 10 years.

Who influenced your career path (who have you enjoyed learning from, mentor, etc.)?

I greatly enjoyed and benefited from working in a large clinic where I could learn from all of my coworkers. I tried to pick up pearls of wisdom and different philosophies of evaluation and treatment from a wide variety of clinicians. I have really enjoyed specifically incorporating a more osteopathic, as well as a biomechanically focused, style of treatment.

What makes you love your field?

I find bodies to be endlessly interesting. I enjoy looking at the whole person, determining the underlying cause of dysfunction and addressing the impairment comprehensively. If the knee is painful, looking only to the knee is short sighted and at best, the clinician will only put a band-aid on the problem. Instead, we should look wholistically at the person to identify the source of the problem and thereby design a strategy to implement a more permanent solution.


What kind of clients do you love working with?

While I do believe that I have a unique perspective into athletes, as I have been one in a variety of capacities and remain one currently, I enjoy working with any client that has a goal. I enjoy working with runners, cyclists, swimmers, throwers, etc, because they are focused on performance and excellence in a task. So whether the goal is to participate or excel in sport, or to go up the stairs more confidently, or hold a newborn with less pain, I am energized and inspired to work with that client to reach that goal.

What sets you apart?

I believe that I have a unique blend of manual techniques and biomechanical evaluation that yield comprehensive results. If the range of motion, strength, proprioception, etc of the problem area is insufficient, the movement pattern is bound to have faults. However, if we restore all of these components and the mechanics of activity remains the same, the result is likely to be short-lived and unsustainable, leaving the client in a frustrating position, chasing a lasting outcome on a proverbial (or literal) treadmill. By combining the restoration of a joint or tissue with coaching for correct movement performance, results are likely to be more complete.

What’s your mission?

I am on a mission to keep people participating in the activities that they love, that challenge them, that fulfill them.


What brings you joy? What do you do with your spare time?

I train for and compete in endurance racing, primarily long course triathlon and marathon distance racing. I usually compete in several races per year, to include local triathlons, the Flying Pig and Ironman events. It brings me joy to model discipline, hard work, perseverance and dedication to my two-year old. I enjoy skiing with my dad in the mountains, a smooth cup (or two) of coffee and walks with our Rhodesian ridgeback, Mojo, while Caleb sings (loudly) to the Frozen soundtrack in the stroller. A treat is a brunch date with my husband or drinking red wine with a friend on the back patio.