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 Women’s Health Physical Therapy

Where Care Is As Unique As The Person.

Women are complex beings and our physiology has different demands. We build strength differently and we burn calories differently. Furthermore, some of us manage our stress by internalizing it, while others have to sweat it out.

That being said, we are all social beings who rely on connection. 

Find a place where your providers are connected. 

At The Women’s Center inside Anchor Wellness our Physical Therapists utilize a collaborative approach between Physical Therapist, Dietitian, Health Coach and Movement Specialist to help women excel. Our certified female therapists offer a wide variety of services specifically designed to address the unique healthcare needs of women.

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The Women’s Center Offerings:

Women’s Health Physical Therapy

Provider: Dr. Jessica Chavez Kline, PT, DPT

Dr. Chavez Kline has been practicing women’s health physical therapy for more than 6 years. She developed a natural attraction to treating women’s related issues through her own personal experiences. Using her extensive background in therapeutic Yoga and Pilates, she intertwined pelvic health and function into her practice.

Dr. Chavez Kline uses a hands on approach to the neuromusculoskeletal system to improve body awareness and decrease pain. She educates her patients on activity and behavior modification because it is key to decreasing the occurrence of problems. Furthermore, Dr. Chavez Kline believes that exercise programs should be designed to help patients stay empowered and strong.

Our mission is to give women the knowledge and power to regain health and control of their bodies in important areas like urinary incontinence, postpartum recovery, aging with strength and agility, and preparing for birth.

If you are unsure if pelvic health physical therapy is for you, please reference the checklist below. Should any of these apply to you, contact us with more questions!

A Pelvic Health Physical Therapist Can Help With:

◊Pelvic floor muscle assessment and strengthening

◊Scar tissue massage

◊Diastasis Recti 

◊Low back, upper back, rib pain, hip, sacroiliac joint (SIJ), or pubic bone (SPD) pain

◊Dry needling for myofascial pain (trigger points) or scar restriction 

◊Incontinence (leakage) or bladder or bowel including urgency, frequency 

◊Chronic constipation or hemorrhoids/fissures

◊Pelvic organ prolapse or vaginal pressure/bulging sensation

◊Pain with intercourse, pelvic exam, or tampon use as well as decreased sexual sensation or orgasm function

◊Posturing for breastfeeding to decrease neck, back, jaw, arm pain (including carpal tunnel)

◊Assess readiness to return to sport/exercise

◊Treatment of nerve injuries or other injuries sustained with childbirth or pregnancy

Today, Physical Therapists are uniquely equipped to help pregnant women optimize the performance of their body and to prepare for delivery.

During pregnancy, ours bodies change quickly. But, that doesn’t mean you have to live in pain or discomfort.

Common Issues During Pregnancy Can Include:

◊ Hip, Sacroiliac Joint, or Pubic Bone (SPD) Pain, Low back, upper back, or rib pain 

◊ Diastasis Recti (separation of abdominal muscle)

Bladder leakage, urgency or frequency

How To Prepare For Delivery:

Education is key while preparing for delivery. You can utilize body mechanics to prevent low back pain and to prevent urinary incontinence or vaginal organ prolapse. One can also use perineal massage to prepare tissue for expansion as well as use pelvic floor muscle relaxation techniques.

Thankfully, you don’t have to give up exercise. But, work with a physical therapist to determine the best ways to exercise safely. This includes determining how to strengthen your pelvic floor as well as your core muscles.

You’ve had the baby and yet things just don’t feel right?

Post-partum can feel very lonely and isolating. Putting yourself first can be challenging.

We know that women deal with the long term effects of pregnancy and the goal of the American Physical Therapy Association is to help women faster. This will help prevent co-morbidities associated with pregnancy and delivery.

You don’t have to experience pregnancy or delivery to experience pelvic floor pain or dysfunction.

In additional to the symptoms above, other commonly reported experiences are:

Pelvic pain in the vagina, rectum, perineum, groin, urethra or bladder

Vulvodynia, vaginismus, dyspareunia, or post-cancer/radiation or painful orgasm

Perinatal Pilates

Provider: Certified Pilates Instructors

Our pilates instructors work side by side with our Women’s Health Physical Therapists to create programs for the pre or post-natal woman’s body. These instructors do so to enhance strength, prevent immobility and to also improve tolerance. By staying strong throughout a pregnancy, a woman can promote healing and speed up recovery post delivery. Furthermore, by working with a peri-natal exercise specialist, returning to exercise after delivery is safe and effective. This also decreases the risk of postpartum diastasis recti or prolapse.

Nutritional Therapy

Provider: Amy Hollenkamp, MS, RD

Amy Hollenkamp, MS, RD, is a Registered Dietitian. She received her certificate in Dietetics and completed her supervised practice (1200 hours of training) at the University of Cincinnati. Since becoming a dietitian, Amy has worked in private practice and has helped clients with complex gut and hormone imbalances find relief through diet, lifestyle and targeted supplement interventions. While completing her schooling, Amy worked as a research assistant with Laura Schoenfeld, a Registered Dietitian and Woman’s Health Expert. Through her work with Laura, she was given a deep understanding of woman’s health.

Health Coaching

Provider: Meredith Amann

Meredith is a certified Health Coach and is also a certified Ashtanga, Yoga Tune Up® and Pilates instructor. Following her graduation from Miami University , where she earned a BA in psychology, she found health coaching and movement after years of climbing the corporate ladder. While using her eclectic background, she is able to work with people of all ages, from 3 years old to adults and seniors.

Utilizing her natural calling to work with women, Meredith guides females through the obstacles that are self-limiting. These obstacles can refer to anything from having low energy, to weight gain or to poor endurance. Additionally, she is pursuing advanced training in Somatic Therapy in order to enhance her client’s ability to connect mind and body.

Off the mat, Meredith is frequently on the tennis court. As an athlete, she is passionate about improving performance, enhancing mobility, preventing injuries and quieting the monkey mind.