A Holistic Corporate Health Product

Over the last 10+ years, many organizations have implemented corporate wellness programs in an effort to improve the health of their employees. They may have done so to attract and retain employees, improve overall productivity levels or to manage ever growing healthcare costs and impact their bottom line.

The Problem? 

For many companies, it didn’t work like they thought it would.  And as it turns out, a wellness program is a lot of work and requires people to take ownership of its strategy and manage it effectively. 

Why didn’t it work?

Healthcare is actually a really weak determinant for health. If we want to understand health, we have to go way up stream. What is impacting people long before they get sick? Oftentimes, their communities and their workplaces are often culprits.

“The “Unmentionables” are the factors that are actually driving health or a lack thereof, and we’re just not talking about them. The biggest ones are things like financial stress, relationship stress, workplace stress, and caregiver stress. If you were to do a root-cause analysis for why somebody is eating poorly and not exercising or sleeping, usually it’ll come down to, well my mother with Alzheimer’s just moved in, or I hate my boss so much I can’t breathe, or my husband just lost his job, and I’m afraid we’re going to lose our house.”

  • Nearly 60% of American workers report concerns regarding stress and burnout while employees that experienced a decline were 5x more likely to report taking on reduced responsibilities. (Bloomberg Law. 2021, August 19)
  • 45% of individuals with a clinical-level mental problem in the United States do not seek professional help. (Bloomberg Law. 2021, August 19)

Wellness programs aren’t typically addressing things like this. They don’t address this level of stress and burn out. They don’t dig deeper to figure out why employees are burning out and what an organization can do about it. They also don’t address dysfunction or drama in the workplace.


Tidal is unlike any other offering in the marketplace. It focuses not only on employees’ health but also the health of the organization. This service combines the work of corporate wellness and organizational development to meet the needs of the company and those employed there.

One vendor provides one comprehensive program aimed at improving the social-emotional health of a business, its leaders and its associates.