Yoga Tune Up


Yoga Tune Up® is a fitness therapy format built around the three P’s – Pain, Posture and Performance. This type of fitness therapy helps remove pain, improve posture and enhance performance through a blend of corrective exercise, self massage and yoga.


Yoga Tune Up Anchor Wellness

That being said, the goal with this technique is to help you live better in your body by combining the core philosophies with breathing strategies, mindset and education that empowers you to know your body. Anchor Wellness classes, workshops and trainings awaken your body sense (a process called proprioception) in order to help you find and heal your own body blind spots. Body blind spots are areas of your body that are overused, underused, misused or abused and therefore can be a cause for aches, pains and injury. More importantly, you’ll discover your interconnected body through exploring all of its systems and by balancing your physiology.

How Will You Benefit from Yoga Tune Up® Therapy?

Yoga Tune Up® heals damaged muscle, increases strength and subsequently establishes healthy movement patterns to help you live better in your body.

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