Core Muscle Retraining

]Core muscle retraining is key to recovery and a part of all our physical therapy programs at Anchor Wellness Center. The word retraining is used because muscles become dysfunctional with pain and must be retrained to work properly and to work in synergy.

The core is made up of your diaphragm, pelvic floor, abdominal wall and lower back and functions to stabilize and support the body during movement.

Core Training Anchor Wellness Cincinnati Ohio

Assessment of Core Function

Often overlooked, we assess for the proper diaphragmatic excursion together with the ability of your muscles to contract in the proper timing, amplitude, sequence and synergy with each other. The inner core is important because studies have shown that these muscles are activated in anticipation of movement. Dysfunction, injury, pain or surgery can cause alterations to these patterns including inhibition of muscles and the development of compensatory strategies for core deficiencies.

Alterations in function can make us more susceptible to injury, re-injury or chronic pain.

Therefore, strengthening before addressing these deficits can impede progress, reinforce improper compensatory patterns and lead to re-injury or nagging problems.


What Does Core Muscle Retraining Treatment Look Like?

Treatment involves hands on facilitation by your therapist to correct dysfunctional patterns. Education also plays a large role as educating you to feel for and activate the right contraction with coordinated breath before engaging in movement of your body, arms or legs. Breaking down compensatory strategies including holding breath, muscle substitution, postural changes or pelvic unleveling is often a large focus.

The major core muscles include:

Pelvic Floor muscles

Transversus Abdominis



Internal and external obliques

Rectus abdominis

Erector spinae

With all conditions, we treat the whole person and not just the symptoms!

» Runners or sports athletes with nagging injuries or just looking to enhance performance
» Incontinence with or without exercise – walking, running, skiing, hiking
» Our new mommies that have back pain, mommy’s pooch or prolapse
» Pelvic Floor Dysfunction- chronic or acute
» Anyone with any pain or injury
» Active Seniors wanting to stay mobile

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