Preferred Providers

Our goal is to connect you with the best partners to serve all of your health and wellness needs. While all of those solutions might not be found inside our walls, we work hard to grow a community of holistic, client-centered providers to truly be able to serve each of you in all of the facets of your unique wellness journeys.

The Convoy is our Preferred Provider group- an extension of the Anchor Wellness Center and each of our partners in it are traveling beside us on this quest to change the way you experience your health and wellness journey.


Yvonne Zeman, Studio Owner
“When you work out with Barre3, you’ll move through low-impact isometric moves, large-range cardio bursts, and mind-centering breath work. Barre3 instructors will challenge you to find your edge while creating space for you to define what success looks like for you in every workout.”

Hello Mental Health

Bailey Bryant, Owner, Clinical Psychologist
“Hello Mental Health provides compassionate and individualized mental health assessment and treatment. We are conveniently located near downtown Cincinnati and offer timely and convenient access to specialized care. This isn’t our job. It’s our calling.”

Sage Yoga Hot

Bri Ihasz, Operations Manager
“Sage is a yoga and pilates studio centered around community.”

Poppy's Therapeutic Corner

Poppy's Therapeutic Corner

Josalyn Foster, Programs Manager
“Poppy’s Therapeutic Corner, LLC is a private group practice located in Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio. We are a safe corner in the world where clients are able to develop new coping skills, ways to handle conflict and hope for increased life satisfaction full of happiness and joy. Our Vision is to provide leadership and services in a community-wide effort to foster positive, optimal mental health and to assist the community to find ways to prevent, reduce, and minimize the residual effects of mental health struggles.”


Dr. Amar Bhati, MD Founder & CEO

MD360 is a Retro/Modern Concierge Primary Care practice. Retro in the sense that you have a direct personal connection with Dr. Bhati along with his stellar staff. All members are seen in a timely fashion and never feel rushed. We thrive on being an advocate for our members by breaking down the barriers we all face within hospital systems, and the formidable healthcare insurance world. MD360 also stays at the forefront of modern medicine by providing the highest level of evidence-based healthcare. This is only augmented by our holistic partners. It all comes back to rekindling the personal connection with your doctor, where they not only know you but your family and loved ones as well… As it should be.

Aligning Intimacy

Aligning Intimacy

Emily Lacy, founder, M.A., LPCC, LPCA

Aligning Intimacy is a group of Licensed Professional Counselors in Ohio and Kentucky. Our therapists work closely with individuals and couples to create a welcoming environment and strive to become a sex-positive resource for emotional and relational healing, trauma therapy, and evolving education.




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