Tidal Wellness

Corporate health programs continuously promise to deliver cost-savings with little evidence they can do so. We challenge you to reconsider the importance of your wellness program. Traditionally, cost of providing health insurance is a limiting factor but what about the cost of recruiting new talent? What about the cost of loss of productivity. What about poor employee satisfaction?

Today more than ever, employees deserve to work with employers who understand them. Employees are investing in you, time for you to do the same.

Let us help you.

Our providers are uniquely qualified to help your individual associates but we are even more interested in helping boost health and wellness of your business as a whole. We believe that business health is only as good as the health of its individuals but that those individuals are greatly influenced by the environment in which they work.

There is no one size fits all corporate health program. Tidal Wellness starts where any health screening does: we collect information, determine areas of dysfunction and provide a plan of care that aims to meet your goals.


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Looking for ways to easily share HEALTH with your team?

Our guide for HR professionals, managers or anyone who is looking for an easy way to provide associates with tips & tidbits to staying on top of their health and keep morale and productivity high. Meant to be little reminders, these tips & tidbits are easily inserted into newsletters to help motivate and encourage a well-rounded and health conscious culture at work.

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Corporate and Community Education

Our team members speak to a wide variety of audiences from small, intimate groups of curious learners to large scale corporate clients.

We want to start a discussion, workshop or presentation tailored around your needs. Here are some examples of topics we’ve covered: