Everything you want to know about The Anchor Wellness Center

Client FAQs



Do you accept my insurance?

We are considered Out-Of-Network (OON) with all insurance providers. We do this for multiple reasons. Primarily, we believe in autonomy of care and that as specialized practitioners, we are the most equipped to decide the most appropriate care. Additionally, we believe in efficiency and are best able create a positive result while working with one client at a time. Utilizing our undivided attention, we are able to achieve greater outcomes in less time than other providers.

Fortunately, our receipts function as claim forms and can be submitted to insurance for reimbursement to the individual. The claim will go towards your OON benefits.


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, cash and check. HSA/FSA dollars can also be used for clinical services.


When is payment required?

A credit card is required to reserve your appointment and payment is required at time of service.


Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes, we require 24 hours notice for cancellation without penalty. Cancellations made less than 24 hours prior to an appointment may result in a fee. Appointments that are not cancelled are subject to full charge for the visit.


What precautions are you taking to handle COVID-19?

Anchor Wellness Center is following the CDC safety guidelines. All surfaces and equipment are sanitized between visits. Clients who have been sick or around someone who has been sick are asked to delay their appointment for 2 weeks.


Do you do acupuncture?

No. Several of our Physical Therapists are trained in Trigger Point Dry Needling which is a technique in which a needle is inserted into a taut band in muscle (aka, trigger point) to relieve pain or tension. It is a tool in the toolbox and our Physical Therapists are uniquely trained to assess, diagnose and determine the best treatment to help an individual overcome their current setbacks.


Can your PT’s perform spinal manipulations?

In the state of Ohio, PT’s are permitted to perform manipulations.


What is pelvic floor physical therapy?

Pelvic floor physical therapy is a therapy treatment to help address pain, weakness, and dysfunction in the pelvic floor muscles. Both men and women can experience dysfunction with their pelvic floor. Anchor Wellness clients receive a private and thorough one hour evaluation by a licensed physical therapist with specialized training in the muscles of the pelvic floor. Research shows that strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles can reduce the effects of incontinence, organ prolapse, and many other conditions specific to women. Education is our greatest tool and clients are taught ways to independently manage issues such as bladder retraining, behavior/lifestyle changes, therapeutic exercise and modalities to improve quality of life. Our physical therapists are trained in manual treatment techniques, use of biofeedback for muscle retraining, and therapeutic exercise to address many of the symptoms associated with pelvic pain and incontinence.

What is really important to know is that physical therapy is the first-line treatment for stress and urge incontinence before any other interventions should be considered.