Cincinnati Strength Training


The Anchor Wellness Center offers strength training both on-site as well as in partnership with area experts to bring you the absolute best training available for all your needs.

  • Do you have fitness goals you’d like to achieve?
  • Have you recently recovered from an injury?
  • Worried about getting hurt while working out?
  • Are you a collegiate athlete or training to become one?


Anchor Wellness Center Strength Training

Our Philosophy

We are thrilled to be able to provide onsite Strength Training at the 8044FIT & Anchor Wellness Center.

Strength training with the Anchor Wellness Center is more than just working out. Our strength trainers and coaches are movement specialist. They work to ensure that proper movement patterns and sequences are estabilished from the beginning, building on skill and intensity as milestones are accomplished.

Clean movement is key to progress and preventing injury. It’s also key to optimizing performance.


Driven Performance

Inside 8044 FIT we are thrilled to offer training HIIT FIT, Driven Performance and Burgin Performance Solutions. Our coaches strive to provide you with a goals based workout prescription to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. We provide an FUN, intimate, no intimidation atmosphere. We want you to enjoy your journey to a healthier you!

We’re also incredibly lucky to have expanded the Anchor Wellness Center into Evendale, Ohio with a 7,200 square foot facility that was carefully designed for a free easy flow. From our platforms and barbell area, to our kettle bell work stations, into our climbing ropes and rings, and a seamless transition to our turf. Plenty of open work space and quick transitions through the space allow for seamless program design.

Strength training should begin with an emphasis on reestablishing clean movement patterns. When we move well, maximizing fitness goals ranging from performance enhancement to strength gains and weight loss are attainable.

Strength training isn’t just for athletes. In fact, often our medical specialists are encouraging strength training as part of our plan of care which make it a great asset even when hurt. The goal of movement is to continue achieving, constantly progressing and challenging ourselves. Because of this, strength coaches also work with those who are finished with their rehab and general population individuals as well.

Our coaches are committed to their professional development and education to assure you the most efficient and effective training possible.

Our coaches utilize a variety of philosophies including but not limited to the following:

Olympic Lifting

Olympic lifting utilizes the entire body. The two types of Olympic lifts, the snatch and the clean and jerk, involve a full range of motions aimed at lifting the maximum weight at a rapid speed using a barbell.

It also helps increase lean body mass. Unlike bodybuilding in which muscles are forced to grow, Olympic lifting instead focuses on improving coordination and speed, gradually building strength and creating lean muscle. It also helps reduce body fat.

It improves endurance . Incorporating a snatch or a clean and jerk (or both) sessions in your routine improves your high-intensity exercise endurance. In time, you’d be able to recover faster and do more challenging exercises and more intense sessions.

High Intensity Interval Training or H.I.I.T.

is the cutting edge of exercise science. Combining both strength training and high intensity intervals has shown to achieve higher amounts of calories burned in a shorter amount of time when compared to traditional training methods. More calories burned means more fat melting away.

Kettlebell Training

There are plenty of benefits to kettlebell training and one of the main ones is this: many kettlebell exercises are dynamic, often ballistic, meaning fast lifts rather than the slow and controlled strength training most of us are used to doing.

Mixed Martial Arts

Resistace Training

Resistance training is founded on the principle that the body will resist force when compelled to do so. Resistance exercises are, therefore, those that cause muscles to contract against any external resisting force — these could be your own body weight or objects like dumbbells and barbells, weight machines, or resistance bands.

Resistance exercises are what you need to be doing if you want to tone your physique, increase your endurance, and strengthen your muscles.

Corrective Exercise

Functional Training

Exercises designed to mimic and enhance natural movements used in sports and everyday life.

Body Building

Muscle Activation Technique