Strength Training


We are thrilled to be able to provide onsite Strength Training at the 8044FIT & Anchor Wellness Center.  Through our network of Certified Personal Trainers and Strength Coaches, we’ve got exactly what you need.

We’re also incredibly lucky to have partnered with Breakthrough Movement, Strength and Performance in Evendale, Ohio. A  7,200 square foot facility that was carefully designed for a free easy flow. From our platforms and barbell area, to our kettle bell work stations, into our climbing ropes and rings, and a seamless transition to our turf. Plenty of open work space and quick transitions through the space allow for seamless program design.

Strength training should begin with an emphasis on reestablishing clean movement patterns. When we move well, maximizing fitness goals ranging from performance enhancement to strength gains and weight loss are attainable. 

Strength training isn’t just for athletes. In fact, often our team of Physical Therapists are encouraging strength training as part of our plan of care which make it a great asset even when hurt. The goal of movement is to continue achieving, constantly progressing and challenging ourselves. Because of this, strength coaches also work with those who are finished with their rehab and general population individuals as well.  

Our coaches are committed to their professional development and education to assure you the most efficient and effective training possible