Preventative Care

Injury Prevention & Movement Assessment

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Preventative care is an Anchor Wellness Center speciality too!

Physical Therapists are uniquely equipped to evaluate movement and determine likelihood of injury. We assess ergonomic setup, squat mechanics and everything in between to ensure favorable performance.

Movement Assessments are a great tool to gain insight as to how you are currently moving and design a plan to overcome any deficits.

Spine & Orthopedics physical therapy services

What to expect from your Movement Assessment?


All interactions between the physical therapist and client are completely confidential. Informed consent is required prior to initial assessment. Written and verbal consent is also required before the therapist can share any information with your medical doctor, specialist, coach or employer.

It is importance to note that we thoroughly believe in the power of a team and strongly suggest collaborating with others when available.

Medical History

Medical History is important. When discussing ways to reduce injury, it’s important to understand previous medical history. You will complete our digital intake forms prior to your Injury Assessment so that your therapist can gain an understanding of any previous injuries.

We also discuss lifestyle, diet, recreational activities, hobbies and work life in order to identify other potential sources for injury, poor recovery or limitations.

Orthopedic Assessment

Our physical therapist have orthopedic backgrounds. With that in mind, a postural screen, spinal movement analysis, gait analysis, pelvic girdle and upper/lower extremity motion and strength testing is part of the assessment. Functional movement screenings will also be performed that are specific to your sport/work performance.

Breath Assessment

Analysis of your breathing pattern and breath awareness is important because the diaphragm, core and pelvic floor work together. Many people suffer from poor breathing mechanics but more importantly, many people hold their breath. Breath holding profoundly affects the function of the core, limiting our abilities to move load or tolerate stress.

Myofascial Tension

Your therapist will examine your abdominal wall and all the muscles externally for excessive tension.

Strength Testing

Coordination, endurance and fatigue-ability of the muscles will also be tested.

Summary & Explanation

At the end of the assessment the findings, issues and goals are summarized and explained. You will leave the appointment with specific education, exercises and strategies to help you prevent any problem or issues.