Best Yoga Therapy In Cincinnati

What is Yoga Therapy?

We all think of Yoga as being therapeutic and healing but did you know that Yoga can be specifically adapted to suit your individual needs? By utilizing a distinctly individualized set of yogic tools—postures/exercises, breathwork, meditation techniques, and more—we begin to address an individual’s physical, mental, and emotional needs.

There’s a common misperception that Yoga is all about stretching and movement which couldn’t be further from the truth. Yoga therapy can help people who can’t move at all in addition to helping those who are active improve performance.

The Yogic Model of Health

A unique approach because it addresses every aspect of life rather than considering each body part or system separately. Yoga therapy is a safe way of working with the natural capacity of your body and mind to optimize well-being.

A general public yoga class can certainly ease everyday aches, pains, and mood complaints. But a yoga therapy session, whether one-to-one or in a small group, goes much further because it is tailored to the individual.

Certified Yoga Therapist

Yoga therapists have in-depth training to help them assess and keep their clients safe. They work with you to address your specific goals while considering any limitations you might be experiencing. Yoga therapy is a perfect movement-based intervention to reduce pain, improve strength and endurance and achieve your Yoga goals.

The beauty of Yoga is that advancement through the practice comes from attention and mindfulness. Challenges are fun and physically demanding but being able to remain present and in the moment is the greatest difficulty. Our therapists are trained to help challenge both mind and body through the practice of Yoga. Those practices applied to everyday life is where the integration of yoga and wellness come to life.

The practices your yoga therapist recommends could include:

Movement ranging from gentle to vigorous

Breathing techniques

Meditation or visualization practices

Physical postures that address specific areas of discomfort or musculoskeletal imbalances

Any combination of tools like these!

It all depends on what you need to increase your health and well-being.

Interested In Onsite Corporate Yoga Classes?

We partner with many area businesses to bring the practice of yoga, mindfulness and breathing to the workplace. Corporate health continues to be an area of focus for many employers and our yoga therapists share a passion for bringing balance to work. Classes can be offered from the desk or in any room with space to sit or lie on the ground, no studio required!

Contact us below for set up your for Corporate Yoga class today!

Virtual Yoga Group Classes?

We also offer virtual, live meditative movement group classes online. We prefer live classes that way our instructor and therapists can actively participate in your class and help accommodate your needs in real time but when you just can’t get here, online is a great option.