Chronic Pain Physical Therapy

Chronic Pain Physical Therapy

Chronic or persistent pain is pain that last for months or years.

We’ve learned from treating individuals with chronic and persistent pain for nearly 10 years that most people’s pain relates back to a time in history. Sometimes there is a specific injury or traumatic event that correlates with one’s pain. Other times we connect the dots to periods of time with excessive stress. At Anchor Wellness, we focus on peeling away the layers of disorder to address the underlying cause of each persons pain. Our interventions are aimed at addressing key components to pain.

Anchor wellness Helps treat chronic pain through physical therapy

A 2011 Global Industry Analysts, Inc. report estimates that over 1.5 billion people worldwide suffer from chronic pain, with the incidence rate increasing with age.

Common chronic pain complaints include:


Low back pain

Arthritis pain

Neurogenic pain (pain resulting from damage to the peripheral nerves or to the central nervous system itself)


Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

Chronic Lyme Disease

Hope Exists

At Anchor Wellness Inc., we are dedicated to overcoming pain so our clients can get back to the life they love. We focus on a few key elements in treating pain: education, desensitization and movement.

The combination of pain education, desensitization training and movement has shown significant benefit in helping people with persistent pain.

What to expect from your Initial Evaluation?


All interactions between the therapist and client are completely confidential. Informed consent is required prior to initial assessment. Written and verbal consent is also required before the therapist can share any information with your medical doctor, specialist or other health professional.

It is importance to note that we thoroughly believe in the power of a team and strongly suggest collaborating with other providers.


Chronic pain is a nuisance and we understand that. Likely, you’ve seen a plethora of providers without relief. We understand that and we empathize with that too. With that in mind, we rely on the biopsychosocial model to understand your condition. We take into consideration all the different facets that may be influencing your experience.

Medical History

A thorough understanding of the current problem and all previous health issues is very important. You will complete our  digital intake forms prior to your initial assessment so that your therapist can gain an understanding of  all the issues that might be affecting you.

Our initial conversation revolves around your past medical history and previous interventions, aiming to understand what worked and what did not. We also discuss lifestyle, diet, recreational activities, hobbies and work life in order to identify aggravating and/or alleviating factors.

Orthopedic Assessment

Our physical therapist have orthopedic backgrounds with speciality interest in pain science. With that in mind, a postural screen, spinal movement analysis, gait analysis, pelvic girdle and lower extremity motion and strength testing is part of the assessment.

Breath Assessment

The diaphragm serves a very important role in the regulation of our sympathetic nervous system, or your “fight or flight.” When pain is present for extended periods of time we often see increases in the sympathetic tone.

Analyzing your breathing pattern and breath awareness is important because the diaphragm, core and pelvic floor work together. Many people suffer from poor breathing mechanics but more importantly, many people hold their breath. Breath holding profoundly affects the function of the pelvic floor and sympathetic nervous system.

Myofascial Tension

Your therapist will examine your abdominal wall and all the muscles externally for excessive tension.

Strength Testing

Coordination, endurance and fatigue-ability of the muscles will also be tested.

Summary & Explanation

At the end of the assessment the findings, issues and goals are summarized and explained. You will leave the appointment with specific education, exercises and strategies to help you manage your individual problem and issues.

Learn more about our physical therapists here to decide who may be best for your condition.

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