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What is health coaching? Coaching starts with a conversation focused on your needs on topics. Discussing topics such as physical activity, nutrition, work/life balance, or your current health status leads brings awareness to places where we may be holding ourselves back. Coaching does not replace the advice provided to you by your regular health care providers but rather serves as a supplement.

Health Advocate

Think of your Health Coach as your advocate or concierge when navigating a health dilemma. That said, they provide a holistic perspective that encompasses your current biosphere and the associated goals.

Health Coaches inside the Anchor Wellness Center are certified through the top credentialing bodies and practice evidence based care. There are a few things we believe wholly:

  1. You know your body far better than anyone else
  2. You have to be ready to make a change

When that happens our roles serves strictly as the catalyst to jumpstart your transformation and empower sustainable changes.

What To Expect With Anchor Wellness?

Your discussion with the Health Coach will involve taking a deep plunge into the following topics:

  • Stressors (family, life, work, financial, relationships)
  • Sleep Habits
  • Exercise
  • Recreational Activities
  • Past/Family Medical History
  • Diet
  • Etc.
If you are ready to take a deep dive into your current patterns to reveal potential disruptors to your goals and leave with the skills necessary to experience long-term success, then you are ready for a consult with a Health Coach.
HEALTH COACH at Anchor Wellness Center Cincinnati