Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

What is Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy?


Pelvic Health Physical Therapist (PT’s) are sometimes referred to as Women’s Health Physical Therapy, however that is a misnomer as many men struggle with issues related to pelvic floor muscles and pelvic organs as well.

Our Pelvic Floor PT’s have specialized postgraduate training to evaluate the function of the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles, abdominal organs and viscera in both men and women.

A Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist plays a key role in both the resolution of pain as well as the prevention of injury. The pelvic floor muscles function to support our core, are pivotal in proper breathing mechanics and provide a stability for the spine. 

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy at the Anchor Wellness Center involves an integrative approach to pelvic health and wellness.

How do I know if I have am having problems with my pelvic floor?

If you answer yes to any of the following, you may want to consider a pelvic floor physical therapy evaluation:

Accidental bowel leakage

Bladder emptying problems

Bladder pain

Bowel emptying problems

Complications of previous surgery

Frequent or urgent urination


Painful intercourse

Pelvic pain

Problems with the vulva

Rectal prolapse

Recurrent bladder infections

Urinary leakage

Vaginal bulging

Pelvic health issues are often of a very private nature – and we understand. Your care and health is our top priority.

Why don’t we take insurance?


We pride ourselves on being able to deliver highly specialized, one on one care. Our obsession with delivering high quality care means that we also choose to not participate with any insurance providers. Our choice to opt out gives us the autonomy we need to provide the care that you deserve without allowing insurance to dictate what we can and can not do.

You will receive a superbill after every visit that can be submitted to your insurance if you choose.

Check out our blog here that explains why paying for Physiscal Therapy makes sense!

Pre and Post-Natal Physical Therapy

Pregnancy is such a wonderful time but can also bring with it some aches and pains.

Consider for a moment that pregnancy and delivery are an injury sustained over a 10 month periods.

We choose to address the perinatal periods with a rehabilitative mindset. Our goal is to help you go into delivery as strong as possible and prepare you for the 4th trimester.

Prenatal physical therapy can address strength deficits, pain and educate on the use of assistive/postural tools to optimize movement and maintain balance.

What makes us different?

The Anchor Wellness Center is an integrated health and wellness collaborative. We are passionate about providing whole-body care for each individual. Our physical therapist work alongside a team of registered dietitians, certified health coaches, pre and post-natal movement specialist, and massage therapists.

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