Sports Physical Therapy

What is Sports Rehabilitation?

For athletes facing injury, the ultimate goal is to return them to their individualized sport. Traditional physical therapy is often protocol based and leaves an athlete dependent on predetermined metrics & time periods to progress through their rehab. Subsequently, athletes are often left with a large gap between rehab and their return to sports.

We work to create a program with each athlete that is unique to their abilities and goals while also bridging the gap from rehabilitation to return to sports. While also taking a focus that aims to reduce re-injury and complications after surgery, as well as to improve sports performance.

By taking a multi-disciplinary approach to treatment, we will be in contact with all involved while getting you back to sport.

Benefits of Sports Physical Therapy

Specific physical therapy techniques vary depending on the particular injury and level of activity the athlete is working toward.

Some benefits include:

  • Functional baseline testing
  • Decreased soft tissue inflammation
  • Relief of spasms
  • Improved tissue healing
  • Increased balance and coordination
  • Personalized exercise prescription to improve mobility
  • Regaining lost strength
  • Targeted sport-specific exercise to return to pre-injury function
  • Preparation to avoid recurrent injuries

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