The holidays can be a crazy time that causes stress as timelines become closer and closer.

This can lead to aches and pains springing up that weren’t there before.

This can be directly from stress in the neck, causing pain/soreness in that area, or indirectly as the overall stress on the body becomes larger.

If we think about everything that goes into pain we can think of it as filling up a cup.

The cup can be filled with mental stress, physical stress, and emotional stress. These stresses can include lack of sleep, being on your feet way more than usual, making sure you are getting everyone the right gift, seeing family you may not be the happiest to see, etc. All of these things can contribute to pain so make sure you set time for yourself during the holidays is important.

If you aren’t feeling well then it’s harder to please other people as well.

Start the process earlier and plan when to do all of your holiday shopping, parties, and meetings. Take some days off work if you can to free up time. Be cognizant of the load you are taking on to not overfill your cup.

Do everything in a timely fashion and have time to breathe! Enjoy your holidays!

About the author:

Dr. Denish Mirosh

Dennis was born and raised in Cincinnati and went to the University of Cincinnati for health promotion and education, focusing on fitness for his undergraduate degree. Following completion of his undergraduate studies, he then went on to the University of Dayton and received his Doctorate of Physical Therapy.

Dr. Mirosh has been practicing in outpatient orthopedics since graduating from UD treating a variety of physical ailments from musculoskeletal injuries to strokes and deconditioning. He has a true passion for working with any client that has the drive to better themselves but has a special interest in working with athletes. In particular, he enjoys working with weight lifters and martial artists

He has always loved the medical field and was directed towards physical therapy from the time he was in middle school. He has been around sports his whole life and had a high appreciation for rehabilitative medicine.

He loves being able to go in every day and help people in his community better their lives and allow them to return to the activities that they hold dear. He enjoys educating clients on proper movement and how to optimize their performance in their everyday life and hobbies. He was also is very blessed to be able to use his hands to alleviate pain and allow people to get back to doing the things they love.