Since everyone may not know what a Health Coach is or whether or not it is for them, I thought I would break it down a bit.


So, what is a health coach and what is it not?


Below are a few examples to better illustrate the role of a Health Coach in preventative health care.


What is a Health Coach: Coaches work along side you and help you map out a plan.

What isn’t: We do not just tell you what to do based on what we think you need to do


What is a Health Coach: We work on all areas of wellness: mental, emotional, relational, financial, environmental, physical, your nutrition, etc.

What isn’t: We don’t just focus on food and working out!


What is a Health Coach: We are a future oriented and we help you work towards your goals.

What isn’t: We are not therapists.


What is a Health Coach: We find your strengths and put those to work for you.

What isn’t: We don’t dwell on the negative or setbacks. We don’t judge.


What is a Health Coach: We use an inclusive holistic approach of creating better wellness.

What isn’t: We cannot and will not prescribe medications.


What is a Health Coach: Someone who holds you accountable for the goals you set for yourself and walks with you as you achieve those goals.

What isn’t: We will not shame you when something doesn’t work. Together we reset for a path that is realistic.


What is a Health Coach: Your answer for preventive health care. We provide you with the tools you need to live a healthy lifestyle.


We believe you have it in you to make small changes to better health. We believe you deserve to feel whole again. We believe we can help you get there. It won’t be overnight, but I promise it will happen quicker than you thought it would.


Reach out  with any questions. I can’t wait to meet you and get started!