Dance Physical Therapy

At Anchor Wellness Center, our experienced therapists have worked with amateurs through professional dancers with dance physical therapy.

We have a keen understanding of how the dancers body needs to be able to move in order to reach performance goals. Our licensed physical therapists address all aspects of their rehabilitation needs, including non-dance specific training to reduce risk of injury/re-injury.


Dance Physical Therapy Anchor Wellness Center

In order to provide the best possible rehabilitation experience, we have designated studio space specifically for dancers to provide a true dance surface, mirrors, and barre to mimic a studio setting. This allows our Physical Therapists to evaluate specific techniques as they would naturally occur in a dance setting, and address concerns to prevent further injury.

Pointe Preparedness Evaluation

Dancers that are interested in Pointe but concerned about their body’s readiness for this are encouraged to set up a Pointe Preparedness Evaluation. This one-on-one session will evaluate a dancer’s body and the elements needed to transition into pointe work.

The therapist will address areas of concern and educate the dancer on how to improve the condition of his/her body to better prepare for the demands of Pointe, and most importantly- avoid injury.

While many therapists are available to perform these exams, our evaluations look beyond ability to perform pointe and assess a dancers ability to tolerate barre and center work throughout the entire body, including demonstrating the appropriate coordination and strength to perform en pointe.


Pilates Rehab

The Pilates studio equipment offers an exceptional option for dancers rehabilitation needs. Pilates exercises target the core musculature, while incorporating other muscle groups that are imperative for the dance population. Our providers frequently incorporate the Pilates methods into programs for our dancers due to their effectiveness.