Simon Kretchik

Simon Kretchik

How did you get into your field?

My love for exercise began way back with 7th grade swim team and has since been a priority in my life. My workout routines evolved and adapted throughout various phases of my life, consistently bringing me happiness and grounding. After spending years in the Cincinnati beer brewing scene, the pandemic ignited a desire for a new career path. I decided to take my lifelong commitment to exercise and turn it into a professional pursuit, dedicated to helping others achieve their fitness goals.

What is your training background?

While I officially started personal training in 2021, I’ve been a lifelong athlete and fitness enthusiast. I’ve trained in disciplines from swimming, distance running, triathlons, strength training and bodybuilding. Each phase of my athletic development was driven by a personal commitment to learning each discipline and adapting my training methods.

Who influenced your career path (who have you enjoyed learning from, mentor, etc)?

Jason Adam, who welcomed me to the Driven Performance team, profoundly shaped my training philosophy. Under his mentorship, I’ve increased my knowledge of adapting the training methods to various experience levels and client needs. Another pivotal influence for me is IFBB Pro Jonni Shreve. His training philosophy, which emphasizes sticking to the basics, really connected with me. The fitness world often complicates what should be straightforward, but by focusing on the biomechanics and fundamental principles of each exercise, we can make training more accessible and effective. This approach not only enhances our ability to teach and communicate but also boosts the client’s overall understanding of exercise. Additionally, I’ve had the privilege of working alongside numerous seasoned athletes and trainers who generously shared their insights and techniques, further enriching my knowledge and skills that I now eagerly pass on to others.

What makes you love your field?

Exercising and spending time in the gym rank among my favorite activities. Training for and competing in various sports have not only bolstered my confidence but also instilled in me the virtues of discipline and goal-setting—qualities that were absent before my athletic endeavors. I thrive on being able to share these lessons with others. It’s incredibly rewarding to support, motivate, and guide people, helping them discover and experience the same transformative benefits that fitness has brought to my life. My favorite experience training people comes from introducing them to a movement or challenge that seems daunting at first, only to see them succeed and finish with the feeling of “I didn’t think I would be able to do that”.


What sets you apart?

Having spent countless hours honing my own fitness and overcoming numerous challenges, I’ve developed a keen eye for spotting subtle errors that might go unnoticed by others. Or to put it candidly, I’ve learned from many of my own mistakes throughout the years. This allows me to proactively address small but critical mistakes in my clients’ techniques. In guiding clients, I focus on habitual movements that may not be ideal, offering simple, memorable catchphrases or analogies that make complex movements easy to grasp and correct. This approach ensures that clients not only perform exercises effectively but also understand the mechanics behind them, leading to better long-term fitness outcomes.

What kind of clients do you love working with?

I love working with newcomers to fitness! The sheer volume of information can be overwhelming, and starting out can seem daunting, especially with conflicting advice at every turn. Guiding beginners through these initial stages and helping them find their footing is so fulfilling! Equally, I enjoy helping those who have been with an exercise program for some time but are ready to deepen their understanding and reach new levels.

What’s your mission?

To eliminate the hesitation, reluctance, or intimidation that often surrounds exercise and fitness. My goal is to help individuals to embrace and experience the profound benefits of a committed fitness routine. While taking fitness seriously can be challenging, the rewards—enhanced well-being, increased energy, and improved overall quality of life—are consistently realized and profoundly impactful.


What brings you joy?

Outside of the gym, my greatest joys come from time spent with my family; my wife Maria, our sons Lee and Miles, and our dogs, Keno and Gia. We love to travel together and also just enjoy each other’s company at home, usually being goofy! Music is also very important to me. I take every opportunity to attend live music events. Having played guitar for most of my life, I continuously work to improve through lessons and constant practice. I love talking about music with anyone that will listen.