Greetings, Anchor Community!

We are thrilled to meet you and introduce our mental health practice that embodies compassion,
skill, and heart – Hello Mental Health. Led by the dynamic Dr. Bailey C. Bryant, a licensed
clinical psychologist, this practice is not just a business; it’s a beacon of support and care.

Who We Are

At Hello Mental Health, our team is a tapestry of dedicated professionals, each bringing a unique
set of skills and an abundance of heart. From individual therapy for adolescents and adults to
relationship therapy, group therapy, and psychological assessments, our clinicians specialize in
various areas, including anxiety, depression, trauma, neurodivergence, and more. We are proud to
be an open and inclusive practice, welcoming everyone to explore our services.

The Heart Behind Hello Mental Health

Founded in 2016 by Dr. Bryant, Hello Mental Health emerged from the desire to create an
environment that fosters creativity, well-being, and growth. Driven by the belief that exceptional
care arises when extraordinary individuals come together, our practice continues to flourish,
exceeding our expectations!

What Sets Us Apart

At Hello Mental Health, we lead with our hearts and our integrity, valuing humanity above all.
While we operate as a business, our commitment to prioritizing staff well-being and client
progress distinguishes us from traditional mental health clinics. Our unique approach ensures
that every interaction is driven by empathy and understanding.

What’s Next for Hello Mental Health?

Corporate partnerships! Committed to reducing stigma and enhancing workplace mental health,
Hello Mental Health is crafting customizable wellness programming tailored to specific work

Join Us on the Journey

Located in a beautifully renovated house in Mount Auburn at 126 Wellington Place, Cincinnati,
OH, we invite you to follow our journey on Instagram (@hello.mentalhealth), Facebook
(hellomentalhealthcincy), and join our mailing list for updates and insights.

Hello Mental Health – where compassion meets expertise, and every heart finds a place to heal.
We’re proud to partner with Anchor Wellness and encourage you to explore the incredible
holistic services they offer.

Warm regards,
Dr. Bailey C. Bryant
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Steward of Hello Mental Health


About the Author

Dr. Bailey Bryant is a licensed clinical psychologist and serial entrepreneur. She is the founder of Hello Mental Health which at its core is about supporting great people who deliver great mental healthcare.

She started her practice after becoming burned out and depressed at an agency job and it is her mission to create a workplace that loves on the staff as well as the clients. Since it’s start in 2016, Hello Mental Health has grown into a well-regarded practice that lives it’s values of compassion, integrity, collaboration, inclusivity and non-judgment.