In the world of running, the pursuit of speed, endurance, and efficiency often takes
center stage.

However, one aspect that is frequently overlooked is strength training.
Contrary to popular belief, runners can significantly reduce their risk of injury and
enhance their performance through targeted strength training exercises.
Strengthening the muscles around joints helps maintain proper alignment and stability,
reducing the risk of overuse injuries such as stress fractures and tendonitis. A stronger
core can improve posture and form, mitigating the strain on lower back muscles and
reducing the likelihood of back pain.

Enhanced muscle strength and power contribute to better running mechanics, resulting
in increased efficiency and reduced energy expenditure.

Strengthening the muscles involved in propulsion and landing can lead to a smoother stride and faster race times.
Running primarily engages certain muscle groups, leading to muscular imbalances and potential overuse injuries. Incorporating strength training exercises targets neglected
muscles, promoting overall muscle balance and reducing the risk of injury.

Incorporating strength training into a runner’s routine is not just about building muscle;
it’s about enhancing performance and preventing injuries.

By dedicating time to targeted
strength exercises, runners can improve their running economy, maintain balanced
muscle development, and ultimately enjoy a healthier and more sustainable running






Marsalis-BurginMarsalis Burgin, CPT, ACSM, CES, Founder

Marsalis Burgin is the founder of Burgin Performance Solutions, a Personal Trainer, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for Walnut Hills Highschool, and is also a Corrective Exercise Specialist based out of Cincinnati, Ohio.