As a personal trainer with 11 years of experience I have trained all types of people.

My areas of expertise are in corrective exercise and athletic performance.

The biggest hurdle that I must overcome is the mindset of my potential clients. In my initial consultations where we establish
goals and discuss injury history, etc.,

it is an opportunity for me to get a read on the personal philosophy of my clients and establishing what they are trying to achieve.

For example, I have:
  • female clients that have multiple children and are trying to get back to their physical size that
    they were in high school.
  • I also have middle-aged male clients that believe that they are
    supposed to train like they did in high school when they were high school athletes.
Although they have not trained in years, most believe that they can pick up where they left off. What must
be considered is the fact as


we evolve decade to decade, adjustments must be made mentally and
physically to attain and achieve our fitness goals.

The implementation of outdated information leads to future failure.

What most people do not understand is that their baseline fitness must be established before implementing your exercise
program. To put this harshly, you are not who used to be! You are now a mother of three who
has become sedentary. You cannot train like the cheerleader that you were in high school to
regain that physique from twenty years ago. For my middle-aged men, you are not the linebacker
or power forward that you were in college. You now sit at a desk for 6-8 hours per day and
experience low back and knee pain. Not only are you not the physical specimen that you once
were but getting back to benching 225 lbs. for 15-20 reps isn’t going to get you where you want to be.


new perspective that potential clients must adopt to be successful.

You will now need the relevant information that can help you where you are now. And
this will require a 

Before the physical goals can be accomplished, a growth mindset has to be manifested.

As personal trainers, our main issue with our clients is getting them to trust the process. Due to human
beings being a product of their habits, to bring about the desired results of our goals, the correct
habits must be acquired. This is the most challenging part of an exercise program. Getting our
clients to buy-in into the newfound information that has been presented to them and
implementing it into their activities of daily living to create the lifestyle that they are pursuing is
the key to success.


Jason Adams is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati, with a bachelor’s degree in Health Education: Exercise and Fitness.  He is certified by the American Council of Exercise in personal training and the National Academy of Sports Medicine specializing in corrective exercise.