In our families, careers, and social lives, we often experience transitions as our lives ebb and flow. Whether it’s something large like a job transition or the birth or loss of a family member, or something small, like the beginning of the school year, we often feel societal pressure to power through and put on a happy face. However, transitions (even positive ones), are very challenging for our brains and bodies to process.

Our brains love consistency

& new routines can require extra emotional energy for us to adjust to.

To provide care for ourselves during these times, here are some concrete strategies we can take on to ensure we are allowing ourselves to process the change and set appropriate boundaries:


During times of change, arrange for temporary supports to help take things off your plate. Hiring a house cleaner, a

temporary babysitter, or utilizing a local meal prep and delivery service can be a way to make sure you are giving yourself

space to care for yourself.


During periods of stress, one of the first things we can remove from our schedules are the self-care routines we identify as

“non-essentials.” Workout routines, time with friends, massages or pedicures can quickly fall to the bottom of the priority list. Instead of completely eliminating

these self-care activities, recognize that these supports are essential in a busy time.


With a busy schedule, it can be hard to actually experience your emotions during times of transition. When you know that you’re going through times of transition, having a “nothing new for now” rule for yourself can help deprioritize additional stresses and give your body room to rest.