Chronic Fatigue

These two words are getting a lot of buzz after the year (that shall remain nameless) finally came to an end.

2020 was relentless and the effects of the pandemic were felt in one form or another.



Is 2021 a Re-brith?

Everyone is taking a collective deep breath to grieve the loss of so many things from last year. While at the same time, we are harnessing the energy and strength to move forward. This is where chronic fatigue comes into play. We are constantly tired, both physically and mentally, no matter how much we adjust our sleep, exercise and diet habits. To no surprise, stress is one of the main causes of chronic fatigue.

Many of us (myself included at various points in my life) think that more is better. We praise more friends, more money, and even more likes on social media. This trifecta is the perfect recipe for chronic fatigue. It can take hold of your body and mind, creating an environment of constant exhaustion, inside and out.

As someone who has dealt with chronic fatigue for most of my adult life, 2020 was the full stop moment that finally forced me to slow down. I had to take a step back, like we all did. So I took stock of my routine, my habits, and my happiness.


Tough Decisions

During the summer of last year I made the tough but, ultimately correct, decision to close my business.

As much as I loved owning a gym and being a trainer within it, I was utterly drained and completely depleted. By taking a step back from everything when the shutdown began, I realized that while successful to the outsider looking in, my gym and all that comes with it (managing staff, training clients, keeping up with bookkeeping, and on and on) was no longer fulfilling me.

Upon realizing this, I also took a closer look at the current state of my mental and physical health. I was regularly experiencing headaches, muscle weakness, irritability, poor concentration, low motivation, dizziness, appetite loss and simultaneously craving sugar and junk food.

I realized that I needed to move forward. To move forward, I needed to recognize and put a name to what I was feeling and experiencing. That feeling and experience I was having was chronic fatigue.

Fast forward to present day

I have taken my knowledge of health, fitness and nutrition and decades of experience and channeled it into NUFIT, a fitness and nutrition collective. As the founder, I am so proud of this new venture and can’t wait to share it with all of you. With that said, chronic fatigue is one of the main components of my program. Recognizing the symptoms of this debilitating condition is key to successfully managing your overall wellness.

Beyond the superficial signs, underlying illnesses such as thyroid disorders, heart disease and diabetes can also contribute to chronic fatigue. Additionally, workplace stress, alcohol and/or drug use, lack of regular exercise and depression can trigger a chronic fatigue response.

So how do we rid ourselves of chronic fatigue?

Gaining an understanding of food and its effects on your body is a great starting point. Consuming foods that are anti-inflammatory and limiting your intake of sugar and alcohol, when possible, are ways to reduce many symptoms we may be feeling. Visiting your doctor for routine blood work to make sure everything falls within normal ranges. Quality sleep is crucial. The effects of a solid night of sleep cannot be overstated. Regular meditation is important. Eliminating stress wherever possible, whether it’s taking time off of work to reset, or going for that afternoon hike with a friend instead of running errands. Recognizing the importance of efficient exercise. A good workout should leave you feeling invigorated and strong, not overworked and exhausted.

When trying to alleviate the symptoms of chronic fatigue, the overall goal is to remain active and aware and to create and maintain healthy boundaries within your mind and body.


About the author:





Founder of NutFit Collective, Stephanie Tieman is an Integrative Health Coach and Certified Personal Trainer. Stephanie holds Bachelor of Science degree in both Business Administration and Exercise Science from Thomas More College.

After nearly 2 decades in the fitness and wellness industry, Stephanie pursued Health and Nutrition Coaching at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, receiving her certification in 2016.

NutFit Collective was born after recognizing a need to integrate health, nutrition, movement and healing of the body from the inside out. With a dream of making feeling good more accessible, NutFit Collective aims to give clients a strong foundation to feel their best and sustain it.

As a highly respected voice within the fitness and nutrition community, NuFit Collective embodies the trifecta of what makes a for a successful coach & program: passion, knowledge and the absence of judgement.