In this third & final part of this series…

I want to touch on the third main way I believe therapy has failed moms.

As a perinatal mental health therapist, my specialty is working with individuals in all stages of raising a family. In my years of experience supporting mothers in finding their new identity & prioritizing themselves, I have found one major pitfall in the approach of generalist therapy.

When moms come to me, so often their focus is on doing.

They feel they are letting down their families, kids, friends, or employers.

In the midst of endless to do lists, juggling priorities, and constantly considering the needs of others, most of my clients feel that they just aren’t productive enough. 



The Third Way Therapy Has Failed Moms: Prioritizing Productivity

Did you know that one of the main ways we diagnose people with anxiety, depression, or other mental health conditions is based on functioning?

or how symptoms are impacting other people or work. And that means that the work of a lot of therapy is focused on increasing how someone functions.


This is one of the main reasons I do not accept insurance in my practice…

I don’t want to give these diagnoses to every one of my clients when they don’t accurately reflect the needs and experiences of my clients. Because for most of my clients their functioning is not affected by their symptoms–they hold it together for everyone else. Instead, the moms I work with are tearing themselves apart on the inside




Why am I always failing?

Am I a good mom?

Am I letting everyone else down?

Am I a bad mom if I just want to get away?

These are the thoughts moms come to me with, that we process together.

& I don’t believe the answer to these questions can be found in being more productive.

They’re found in finding peace, balance, boundaries, & authenticity. 


In therapy with me, I want clients to find value outside of being productive.

This work often requires slowing down, not speeding up.

Focusing on quality time, rest, & prioritizing self-care.

This work can feel incredibly uncomfortable in a world that often judges women by the way we contribute, but it’s necessary for a more fulfilling life.


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